Property Agents Mumbai

Real Estate as a Profession

I have been a Realtor for over 15 years. I received my first real estate licence in the US in the year 2002. That was the time when I was working full time in another line of work from 9…

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Property Consultants India

Buying Property With the Sale in Mind

Any distress or resale property that you are planning to invest in and which you are getting for a steal is not going to be worth unless there are some problems that are some problems attached to it. Let us…

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The Basics of Retirement Planning

The average expectancy of human life has increased dramatically over the past 100 years or so. We are all living longer lives because of improvement of medicines and medical treatment. Every human being wants to increase his / her lifespan…

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Real Estate Marketing Properties

Internet Usage for Real Estate Purchasing

Millions of people browse through home listings online every month. The days when home buyers would contact local agents and check out houses locally are long gone. Not only do home buyers have the option of surfing the web to…

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Flipping Homes India

In a Slow Market Can You Still Profit

If you are a real estate investor who likes to flip homes i.e. buy distress properties or run-down properties, restore them and sell them for a profit, you might be wondering whether you can still do that in times such…

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Risk Reward Trade Offs

Risk Reward Trade-off

Let us talk about Risk Reward Trade-offs today. When I say Reward I am alluding to the returns that you get from an investment. This also includes capital appreciation. Risk refers to not receiving the desired reward from an investment…

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How to Flip Propeties

Flip Homes to Make Money

When it comes to investing in the real estate market, flipping homes is the best way to create wealth. Do remember that almost 90% of the world’s millionaires made their wealth through some type of real estate investing. A lot…

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Property Brokers in Mumbai

Why Serve and not Sell

In my last article I had written about the real estate buying cycle that most home buyers go through and how as an agent it is important to understand each phase.  Let me talk about the importance of embracing reality.…

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Real Estate Buying Cycle

The Real Estate Buying Cycle

Real Estate in The Online World “Internet leads are an utter waste of time”, an old school broker was heard saying a few years ago – a phrase that he dare not repeat in today’s world! At Gupta & Sen,…

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