Selling Property In India

Qualifying Property Sellers in Real Estate

When we entered the real estate business in India early in the year 2015, we had decided that we will choose our company (those whom we choose to work with) wisely. Because otherwise as with many other ventures started by…

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Property Consulting Essentials India

What Property Consultants Must Do

As an integral part of the real estate business, everyone associated with it wants to be the most successful, ideal, most sought after and perfect agent that people can turn to for their real estate dealings. The market of course…

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Best Sellers Real Estate Agents Mumbai

The Truth Behind Real Estate Commissions

Who Really Pays The Commission Contradictory to what homeowners believe, and many other real estate agents might believe, sellers do not pay the real estate commission. This is one of the biggest myths in the real estate business. It is…

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Profiting From Real Estate

How to Profit from Real Estate Investments

When one invests in stocks, they can only make money when and if the stock is sold at the right time when the stock value appreciates. But, in the real estate business, one can make money from investments in more…

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Selling Sunset Type Agencies India

Selling Sunset Not Just a Reality Show

Last week, while mindlessly surfing through Netflix, I happened to stumble upon the newest reality television series based on the real estate business. Having been a part of the business for a while now, I couldn’t wait to get a…

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Top Realty Consultants Mumbai

What Makes a Top Realty Agent

There are those who simply work because they have to and there are those who enjoy their work and work doesn’t seem like work. The business of Real Estate is no different. I believe that if one wants to scale…

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Property Brokers Consultants India

Some Thoughts About the Real Estate Business

As a Real Estate Expert, let me dwell on some short topics about our business gleaned from my own experience as an agent. Answer this simple question: If a home buyer is putting 8 Cr for a 10 Cr property…

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Real Estate Buying Cycle

The Real Estate Buying Cycle

Real Estate in The Online World “Internet leads are an utter waste of time”, an old school broker was heard saying a few years ago – a phrase that he dare not repeat in today’s world! At Gupta & Sen,…

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Property Consultants in Mumbai

Staying in Touch

If I could mention one thing that defines success in the real estate business and one were to count everything else that would be, “staying in touch”. Success in one’s personal and professional life both boil down to “Staying in…

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