Last week, while mindlessly surfing through Netflix, I happened to stumble upon the newest reality television series based on the real estate business. Having been a part of the business for a while now, I couldn’t wait to get a glimpse of the contents of the show. So, I sat down with a delicious cheese sandwich and coffee in hand, ready to binge-watch an entire season. Starting with the very first episode, I was mesmerised by the lifestyle, the outfits and most importantly, the properties the real estate agents represented. But what kept me glued to the screen, was some of the striking similarities between the Oppenheim Group and Gupta & Sen. My excitement knew no bounds, and I absolutely had to share my views and thoughts about this glamorous and alluring show that features an intelligent and street-smart, elegantly stylish and chic team of agents. What’s better is that I could totally relate to the very believable and very real problems faced by almost all property agents, new and old. Yes, the struggle is real. So, without much delay, let’s find out what this newest and very relatable series on the property business is really about.

A Sunset That Caught My Eye

Adam DiVello’s Production Company, Done & Done Prods. is the brain behind this series called “Selling Sunset”. The show revolves around the life and work of real estate brokers at the Oppenheim Group, a firm which focuses on multi-million-dollar homes for wealthy clients. Adam, who had always been obsessed with the real estate business, came across the Oppenheim brothers, Brett and Jason, while hunting for the perfect cast. The twin brothers are the owners of the Oppenheim Group at Sunset Boulevard, in Los Angeles. The super attractive, glamorous, and sometimes dramatic team of agents, caught Adam DiVello’s eye as the cast of the newest reality television show that would be based on the real estate world. Along with the glam lifestyle, and the breath-taking views from the properties, Selling Sunset also gives us an insight on life as a property agent.

The Oppenheim Group

The Oppenheim Group is a professional real estate firm catering to buyers and sellers of luxury properties in the city of Los Angeles. Led by the firm’s Owners and Presidents, Jason Oppenheim and Brett Oppenheim, the firm was founded in 1889 by Jacob Stern. Representing five generations of real estate development, management and brokerage in Los Angeles, the firm has come a long way.

Selling Sunset from the real estate point of view

Today, as a property agent, one has to really educate the buyers about the ins-and-outs of properties. It is impossible to get a client to purchase a house just on the word of the agents. Furthermore, as depicted by the reality TV series, successful agents sell luxury homes to affluent clients and also enjoy the perks of a lavish lifestyle. However, being part of a team that is responsible for representing high-profile clientele does not come without its share of hardships and hurdles. Many a time, property agents, especially women, have to deal with buyers who won’t stop wasting their time, and making snide and inappropriate innuendos. It’s heart-breaking to hear about such incidents, and it makes my wish people would be more respectful towards women.

Selling Sunset- The Cast

selling sunset article reviewSince it is the cast that gives essence to an entire show, I was keen and excited to give our readers an introduction to each of the cast  members, and a little insight into their lives as successful property agents at the Oppenheim Group.

Mary Fitzgerald: She is a kind, soft-spoken, innocent-looking team mediator of the gang of sometimes-wicked girls. From what we see in Season 1, Mary is a no-nonsense person who tries her level best to stay as far away from drama as possible. With her strong empathy skills, and a sense of individuality to stay level-headed and calm a storm when she sees one approaching. As an agent, she believes in placing the client’s interests at the forefront and conducts business in a professional manner. She makes an attempt to understand her client’s requirements, and acts accordingly.

Christine Quinn: Although pretty, tall, and intelligent, this real estate agent is far from soft-spoken or empathetic. Without a care in the world, she expresses her feelings and prefers complete and total honesty, less emotions, no weaknesses, and complete authenticity. She is nothing short of unapologetic and blunt in her approach towards people outside of her inner circle.

Heather Young: Though she might come across as somewhat ditzy, Heather is future-oriented and hopeful, whether it comes to her personal life, or professional. She strives to gain back her original position as one of the top agents in the Group, and is not afraid to go the extra mile and express her opinions with a tonne of diplomacy. She is calm and respectful in her approach towards her clients and she represents the property in a unique and classy manner.

Chrishell Hartley: A girl from a less fortunate background, Chrishell Hartley managed to rise up from the ashes and make a name for herself. With her humble and giving nature, this actor-turned-agent managed to win the hearts of her teammates with her eagerness to learn, and her understanding and down-to-earth approach, in a short span of time. Chrishell is, what most of them refer to as, the “new girl”. Although still struggling to make her mark as an established agent, with her warm and welcoming nature, she genuinely makes an attempt to befriend and understand her clients, their wants and needs.

Maya Vander: Having moved from Israel to Los Angeles in 2002, Maya is an epitome of calmness and an ideal real estate agent, too. Committed to her work, a professionally dedicated Maya prefers to stay away from drama and arguments, and offers an opinion only when she’s asked for it. We can see her as cool, calm and collected throughout the season. She is honest and soft-spoken, and is also, one of the best agents at the Oppenheim Group. With her dedication and hard work, Maya makes an attempt to go out of the way to match her client’s requirements.

Brett Oppenheim and Jason Oppenheim:

The twin brothers, Brett and Jason, are the Presidents and owners of the Oppenheim Group. They are business-oriented, friendly bosses who posses a formal yet casual-cool attitude. Together, they share the responsibility to make Oppenheim Group the best in the business. They possess the traits of successful bosses and individuals, and are not afraid to voice their disapproval in the calmest way possible. They are strict taskmasters who strive to make a deal as successful as it can be.

Though the Oppenheim Group is full of dedicated, honest, capable agents, and each one of them is as hard working as the other, the two agents that caught my attention were – Maya, and Chrishell. However, as a personal choice, I’d say Maya stole the show as the perfect example of an ideal real estate agent.

real estate property agents mumbaiSimilarities That Kept Me Glued To The Screen

While it is hard to figure whether the agents at the firm are trying to build a real estate brand, or just a reality television show, the bits and pieces of the real estate business, which is what the series revolves around, caught my eye for a few striking similarities between the Oppenheim Group, and Gupta & Sen.

Although, started and located in two very different parts of the world, the two real estate firms share a few similarities when it comes to the kind of clientele they represent, the types of high-end properties they sell, and of course, the owners and agents who work tirelessly in their efforts to ensure client satisfaction, by taking into consideration every tiny aspect of the transactions. Just as the Oppenheim Group does, our agents at Gupta & Sen, too, ensure firm, fair and incomparable representation at every step of negotiation. Our team closes an impressive number of deals annually.

Nestled in a quiet corner amidst the very noisy and busy streets of Mumbai city, Gupta & Sen strives to be the dominant brokerage firm, targeting record-breaking transactions. With unmatched experience in luxury home brokerage and market knowledge that knows no bounds, the team has successfully brokered many of the city’s residential sales. Yes, sometimes, the real estate business does have its downsides, but it does have its perks, too. Just as Heather says in Episode 2, “The upside of being a real estate agent is the flexible hours”, but “If you don’t work and hustle, you don’t get paid”. Yes, the hustle is real!

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