Top Ten Real Estate Law Firms in Mumbai

The Real Estate Industry is the second largest employer in India after the agriculture sector, growing rapidly even as the domestic economy forges ahead. A consistently evolving legal and regulatory regime requires developers, financiers, institutions, investors and lawyers to deploy…

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Real Estate Compared to Stocks

Comparing Real Estate to Other Investments

Why Real Estate Investments There are many choices to make when it comes to real estate investing and each of them has pros and cons that must be considered. In this article, we at Gupta and Sen, will compare how…

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real estate build wealth grow rich

Evaluating Real Estate as Investment

Build Wealth with Real Estate It has always proven to be a wise decision for people to use a majority of their monthly income for day-to-day expenses and invest a portion of that income into long term financial investments like…

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List of Home Inspection Services in Mumbai

Top 10 Home Inspection Services India

Top 10 Home Inspection Services in India Whether you are buying or selling a property, home inspection services will be required at some point of time. Though traditionally property buyers availed home inspection services in India, we also advise property…

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Property Consulting Essentials India

What Property Consultants Must Do

As an integral part of the real estate business, everyone associated with it wants to be the most successful, ideal, most sought after and perfect agent that people can turn to for their real estate dealings. The market of course…

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Best Property Consultants India

What is Real Estate

A lot of people have misconceptions of what “real estate” means. Let us define the basics of what constitutes the phrase “real estate” since we are in the business of Real Estate! Real Estate consists of a piece of land…

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Purchase Agreement Clauses Property India

Clauses of Property Purchase Agreement

What is a Purchase Offer A purchase offer is a detailed document written to make an offer to purchase a property. The document can be amended several times during the process of negotiations. Once signed by all the parties involved…

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Advisors Consultants Real Estate

Building A Rapport With Clients

When buying or selling property, people will always hire real estate agent they like to help them buy or sell the property. Therefore, as an agent, before working with the buyer or seller, we believe that we must make sure…

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Best Sellers Real Estate Agents Mumbai

The Truth Behind Real Estate Commissions

Who Really Pays The Commission Contradictory to what homeowners believe, and many other real estate agents might believe, sellers do not pay the real estate commission. This is one of the biggest myths in the real estate business. It is…

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