Real Estate Commissions Split

Real Estate Agents and Their Commissions

Establishing Value as a Real Estate Professional The value of real estate services is being questioned, now more than ever. Real estate agents in India are being asked to reduce the commissions every now and then. Recent research suggests that…

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Why Invest in Mumbai

Investing in Real Estate in Mumbai

Mumbai being the financial capital of India is continually attracting investors for residential and commercial spaces. Various areas in the city are constantly attracting investors for residential rental spaces. The city that is considered great for investment opportunities considering the…

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Hiring Top Interior Designers Mumbai

Hiring an Interior Designer For Your Luxury Home

Although the process of purchasing a luxury home might be way more tedious than expected, once you have purchased your dream house, you can be sure you have achieved a new milestone in your life. However, no dream to purchase…

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Buying Luxury Homes South Mumbai

Purchasing a Luxury Home

Every level of financial success that enables an individual to purchase a luxury home starts with a dream. As the saying goes, “I already have it, I already am it.“ Chances are, they believed they were already successful before they…

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Brokers Commissins Charges India

Commissions Brokers Make in Real Estate

A real estate commission is the fees paid to the property agent once the house is successfully sold. The prevalent method of payment for real estate consultants is commission, which is a percentage of the property’s selling price. This is…

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High End Real Estate Consultants

Negotiation Strategies For High End Real Estate

As a luxury property agent, one’s personal power and reputation enhances their ability to successfully negotiate an offer. It is their standing in the market and their top-most position that makes them the go-to negotiator. The perception of power, prestige…

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Selling Luxury Property

How to Sell Your Luxury Home

The luxury real estate market is an independent market, which is why a seller needs an agent who is well-versed with the market business. When a property agent is well-informed, “the house can practically sell itself”. Finding the right property…

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Profiting From Real Estate

How to Profit from Real Estate Investments

When one invests in stocks, they can only make money when and if the stock is sold at the right time when the stock value appreciates. But, in the real estate business, one can make money from investments in more…

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Realtor Guide Mumbai India

A Guide To Working With Your Realtor

As Property Agents, our job revolves around interacting with, and working with people. It’s what we do! But there always are a few clients who unintentionally cross the line. Therefore, there are a few protocols a client must follow to…

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