Skills of a Successful Real Estate Agent

Success in the real estate industry can mean different things to different people. Some agents are in it for the money, while others want to learn the ins and outs of the business from their bosses to start their own…

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Ecode Landscape architect

Top Ten Landscape Architects in India

Landscape architecture is the practice of using architectural design skills to create attractive open spaces in which people can relax, lounge or rejuvenate. Using open land, studying the environment, and incorporating natural elements and materials such as water bodies, trees,…

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Become Property Developer India

How to Acquire Land for Development

In our last article on our Property Development series, we discussed Why Real Estate is an Attractive Business. In this article we will discuss the next step viz. acquiring land for development. What is the most important factor when it…

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property development business India

Why Real Estate Development Is An Attractive Business

There are few businesses in India today that offer as many rewards and opportunities for success as real estate development. India’s cities are bursting apart at the seams. There is a need for planned real estate development not just on…

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Property Developers India

How to Be a Successful Real Estate Developer

We have started a new section on our popular blog section of our website devoted to property development knowledge. We have seen that a lot of young entrepreneurs and enterprising people of all age groups spend time poring through the…

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