Landscape architecture is the practice of using architectural design skills to create attractive open spaces in which people can relax, lounge or rejuvenate. Using open land, studying the environment, and incorporating natural elements and materials such as water bodies, trees, lawns, plants, and shrubs to create places for people to congregate, spend time outdoors, and refresh are under the scope of landscape design. Parks, gardens, city streetscapes, and urban plazas are just a few examples of how landscape architecture is used in public spaces to create beautiful environments. Landscape architecture, in a sense, breathes life into architecture. Without greenery around buildings, it equates to a lack of life and soul in the space. With the help of nature and the expertise of a landscape architect, an open piece of land can be transformed into something spectacular.
Not only public places but also private residences and villas have ample space for landscaping. Residents who have views of green spaces feel energised and positive, which is important for people in the twenty-first century when most of us are confined to indoor spaces for most of the day.


Additionally, landscape architecture is more than just planting a few plants and trees. It takes careful planning, site analysis, soil testing, understanding the client’s vision, knowledge of natural materials and flora, and carefully combining them to create a pleasing composition that continues to grow indefinitely. This is where Landscape Architects enter the picture to help guide through the entire process from conceptualizing, visualizing, and executing the landscape design.

If you need your outdoor space to be designed, here are ten landscape architects in India recommended by India’s top luxury realtors – Gupta & Sen.

1. Oracles: Landscape Design, Planning & Conservation

Landscape architects-oracle

Oracles is a landscape company that provides site planning, landscape design, and construction administration, utilizing landscape architecture as an extension of nature to create public open spaces through context-sensitive design sensitive to physical, cultural, and spiritual factors. Oracles have created spaces that blend seamlessly with architecture and context at various scales, complexities, and regions. Site appraisal, planning, lighting, garden features, environmental impact assessment, and landscape historical restoration are just some of the services available.

USP: Oracles has designed spaces that blend in with architecture and context at all scales, complexities, and locations to create context-specific designs.

Address: G-98, Ground Floor, Kalkaji, New Delhi, Delhi 110019


2. Roha

As a landscaping firm, Roha prioritizes comfort and ecological sustainability. Roha explores the use of low-maintenance landscape elements, low-water-consuming plants, and minimal solid surfaces to maximize groundwater recharge after thorough circulation planning, shade analysis, and hydrology analysis to allow people to use the outdoors to provide a connected living to nature

USP: Feng Shui and Vastu energy principles guide their conceptual stage, resulting in cohesive yet an application of traditional design principles.

Address: C-536, Chandra Gupta Vithi Rd, Block C, Defence Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110049


3. Newarch

Landscape Architects-Newarch

Newarch, founded in 1999, is dedicated to using sustainable design solutions to bridge the gap between people’s needs and the environment. Newarch has a diverse portfolio of work in India and abroad, including meticulously planned and uniquely designed projects.

USP: Using principles of correction, consumption, conservation, appreciation, utilization, innovation, and retention, Newarch as a firm ensures effective collaborations between architects and consultants.

Address: 202/203, Gokarn CHS, RM Bhattad Road, Haridas Nagar, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400092



4. Prabhakar Bhagwat

Landscape architects-Prabhakar Bhagwat

Prabhakar Bhagwat Landscape Architecture, founded by Prabhakar Bhagwat himself, is one of India’s finest landscape architecture firms with a diverse portfolio. He founded the ISOLA – Indian Society of Landscape Architects after teaching at universities and establishing various courses in landscape architecture. Tourism/Recreation Landscape Design Projects, Hospitality Landscape Projects, Industrial/Corporate Landscape Design Projects, and Housing Landscape Design Projects are among the firm’s projects. 

USP: Sensitivity to minute details in landscape architecture, use of local plants, and artistic expression in the landscape design are among the firm’s USPs.

Address: 501, South Tower, One 42, Behind Ashok Vatika, Bopal-Ambli Road, Ahmedabad – 380058


5. Kunal Maniar and Associates

Landscape Architects-Kunal maniar

Kunal Maniar has established himself as one of the most sought-after landscape architects with over 19 years of experience. His work exemplifies a natural, free-flowing design aesthetic that is both minimalist but also lush and verdant at the same time. Private residences and luxury villas are just a few of the Mumbai-based landscape architect’s projects. 

USP: Emphasis is on the usage of local flora and low-maintenance plant palette along with natural, flowing landscape design principles.

Address: 48, Pandita Ramabai Marg, Dadi Sheth Wadi, Gamdevi, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400007


6. Dhruva Associates

Dhruva Architects-Landscape Architects

Dhruva Associates has been practising landscape architecture for over two decades. At its main office in Bangalore and branch offices in Hyderabad and Chennai, the company has a well-established team of horticulturists, 3D visualizers, surveyors, designers, architects, and architectural draught persons. Concept design, design development, tendering, working drawings, supervision, and site coordination are just a few services offered.

USP: Over two decades of landscape consulting experience on projects ranging from small-scale villas to large-scale developments has made Dhruva Associates an industry expert in the Landscape Architecture niche ensuring one gets the best services.

Address: 156/B, 3rd Floor, 10th A Main Road, 5th Cross, Behind Simpli Namdhari Store, 1st Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore – 560011 Karnataka, India


7. Ecoscapes

Ecoscapes-Landscape Architects

Ecoscapes executes innovative designs with the option to customize for each client, focusing on attention to detail, providing the best landscape design solutions with high-quality artistry and state-of-the-art landscape designs.

USP: Providing high-quality services at a reasonable cost to help clients improve and protect their property while at the same time creating peaceful and lush open spaces.

Address: No.47/48, 13th cross, 10th Main Rd, Nisarga colony, Horamavu, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043


8. Design Milieu

Design Milieu Landscape Architects

Design Milieu is a firm specializing solely in Landscape Architecture. Since its inception in March 2000, the company has completed various projects ranging in scale and scope from residential spaces to large-scale landscape development projects.

USP: Milieu is defined as a person’s environment or surroundings, and the firm aspires to be a part of this movement by creating a beneficial environment for people and their surroundings, whether on a small scale like the urban landscape or a larger scale like the environmental, ecological, and regional scale.

Address: 417, II cross, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095


9. Ecode

Ecode Landscape architect

Ecode is a Hyderabad-based consulting firm where their clients receive the best service thanks to their team’s creativity, experience, and expertise. Since 2016, Ecode has been using its creativity to transform landscapes, creating dynamic natural spaces. Residential, villas, farmhouses, integrated housing development, institutional, hospitality, and mixed-use projects are some of the types of projects by Ecode.

USP: With careful thought and synthesis, Ecode creates timeless spaces that captivate, inspire, and motivate people to spend time outside.

Address: 8-2-293/81A/311, Road no: 25,


10. Jagdeesh Associates 

Jagdeesh Architects

Jagadeesh Associates’ projects demonstrate a deep appreciation for nature combined with culture to create cohesive landscape designs for clients with a wide range of interests. Their strengths are creativity and collaboration, which guide them in visualizing and creating unique landscape designs. Jagdeesh Associates has created sustainable environments and sustainable partnerships by forming long-term collaborations with artists, clients, and consultants.

USP: Managing a wide range of projects has provided the necessary experience and depth to complete projects with all requirements by the customer’s vision, resulting in high-quality work.

Address: Door No: 8-2-693/3/1, 3rd Floor, Near Kaman, Opp Hanuman temple, Road Number 12, Syed nagar, Banjara hills Hyderabad, 500034


To summarise, landscape design enhances a space by bringing nature into it and thus increasing the property value. Landscape architecture can serve as a link between the built environment and the desire to reconnect with the natural world as people become more aware of the importance of spending time outside. Coming up with a design for your open space can be challenging. It can also be difficult to keep up once it has been installed. As a result, it is recommended that you hire a landscape architect to assist you in designing your ideal garden and guiding you through the process of bringing your vision to life.

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