Everyone aspires to be a millionaire. The ultimate goal is to be your own boss, with the flexibility and freedom to live your life however you see fit. But what does it mean to have a millionaire mindset? It all begins with your thoughts and your perception of yourself. However, in the real estate business, you are either a struggling agent or you have cracked the formula for being the best in the market. And when you do figure out the strategy, you are one step closer to living a life of freedom and wealth.

Here are 12 tips to help newbie real estate agents achieve your goals and get into the millionaire mindset.

  1. Knowing what you want can take you places you never thought possible. Aristotle once said, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” This is a characteristic of the millionaire mindset. It’s easy to say that life is too complicated to know what you want to plan your future, but people who think and have a never-ending list of ideas and thoughts in their heads are the ones who are closest to knowing what they want. This is the result of being determined and developing your character to open your mind to new possibilities. You can choose between stress and anxiety or working smartly to better yourself and your life.
  2. Putting yourself in the right places will propel you forward. But how does this happen? By being self-reflective and having a clear goal in mind. A millionaire will not waste their time in a casino or purchasing a lottery ticket. They invest their time and money to increase their wealth, whether it’s in real estate, stocks, bonds, or gold.
  3.  Quoting David J Schwartz, “Believe Big. The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief. Think little goals and expect little achievements.” While it is always a good idea to start small to not overwhelm yourself, avoiding big dreams and goals will pigeonhole you in a safe place. Use the momentum created by achieving small goals to catapult yourself toward larger goals. And it all begins with self-confidence and conviction. 
  4. Every new situation in life can either be an opportunity to achieve more extraordinary things or an obstacle to overcome. It all comes down to a person’s mindset. Every opportunity appears as a rough uncut diamond. It is up to you to turn it into something polished. Furthermore, waiting for the right opportunity will keep you waiting indefinitely. It would help if you put yourself out there to seize every opportunity.
  5. Manifesting great things is a choice, not a chance. When you have control over your life and goals, opportunities come to you in the most unexpected ways. You may think its fate, but it’s the result of constantly putting yourself in the right place at the right time.
  6. Always strive to win, and if you want to go a step further, try to make it a win-win situation for everyone involved. That way, you won’t hurt anyone’s feelings, and you’ll make a great connection who might be helpful in the future. You never know what might happen in the future and who you might need. The main goal is to want to win rather than to be afraid of losing. Rather than doing something better than someone else, doing your best is the ultimate definition of winning.
  7. Self-assurance is always essential. Ordinary people are self-conscious about their views and opinions, always wondering what others think. In contrast, millionaires embrace their values and beliefs—always looking for ways to share them with the rest of the world. This naturally attracts people into your sphere of influence, and what better way to find like-minded people to grow and build with?
  8. Every insecurity in life can undermine your confidence, but not for someone with a millionaire’s mindset. A person with the right attitude thinks of themselves as more significant than the problem. It could be shyness, stammering, or a lack of public speaking abilities. Sure, we all have issues, but you must start somewhere if you want to overcome your fears and obstacles.
  9. If you want to go fast, you are better off going alone, but if you’re going to grow an enormous empire with the right mindset, collaboration is the key. It is humanely impossible to manage everything alone. One must look for like-minded people to build a sustainable empire. Great collaborations result in great businesses and holdings. For example, setting up limited liability partnerships to buy properties and offer sweat equity partnerships is a great way to build wealth in real estate and grow faster together. 
  10. Working independently carries more risk than working as a regular wage earner because you must rely on your results to be rewarded. Still, the future opportunities are greater, more flexible, and have fewer boundaries. A long-term vision is required to build something viable without feeling let down by the current struggle phase. Wage-earners are replaceable, and job security is a constant worry. Even if you have a steady job, you should take chances to make money in your spare time by creating time for big ideas and developing a solid plan to finance them and multiply your profits.
  11. Finding peace through accepting what you have is not always a good idea. A desire to gain more than what you have will push you out of your comfort zone and help you achieve more. A millionaire’s mindset will not be disturbed or satisfied with what already exists. They are constantly looking for the next big opportunity, business idea, or connection with whom to collaborate.
  12. Foresight is an important skill to have. It is necessary to understand when, where, and whom to invest. Immediate gains or gratification are the least of your concerns. Instead, wise planning, patience, and intelligent play will result in steady growth with a bright future.

The 12 principles mentioned above can be applied not only to real estate but to life in general. The fundamental quality required to take the first step toward a better life is courage. Using these principles for your goals and ambitions will propel your life to unprecedented but worthwhile heights. You generate more wealth as a result, and with that wealth, you can build more businesses,  you have the freedom to travel the world or support causes you believe in. There are opportunities all around you. The real estate business can help you live the life you’ve always wanted, but you must be clear about your goals and now is definitely the best time to get started in the real estate industry.

Rochelle is an independent landscape architect with a master's degree in Landscape Architecture from Germany. She writes about architecture, landscape design, home décor, real estate, and travel.
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