Every level of financial success that enables an individual to purchase a luxury home starts with a dream. As the saying goes, “I already have it, I already am it.“ Chances are, they believed they were already successful before they even got down to working towards it.

So, how can someone live a dream without first “seeing“ or “visualizing” it?

successful luxury home ownersSee It to Achieve It!

As cliché as this may sound, visualize you dream! Research suggests, visualizing a dream gives an individual the confidence and strength to strive for it. That is because, within them, their goals or dreams already belong to them. So what they are really doing, is working towards achieving something that is theirs.

Need help Visualizing?

• Start by creating a picture or a goal board of the kind of life you wish to have.

• Create a picture of your dream home. Take Printouts and cutouts from magazines and books to help you brighten up your board.

• Writer highly disciplined word essay of the kind of home you wish to own. Don’t hesitate to throw in minute details of the style, size, colors, and area or location you would like to see yourself living in.

The hidden agenda behind writing a descriptive essay about your dream home is for you to believe you own something you never possibly imagined could be yours. The mind begins to take down the barriers of fear and doubt, and begins to replace them with confidence and motivation. Before you know it, hesitation flies out of the window and you know you want to work and invest all the time and hard work it takes to get what, in your head, you believe is already yours.

Power of the Mind

Negative images are hard to erase from the mind. A quicker way is to replace them with positive images and memories.
“What you focus on becomes real.” Focusing on the negative will only bring back negative emotions and memories. That’s how science works-that’s how our brain are wired.

If told to walk a tight rope a 100 feet above the ground, our first instinct instinct would be to focus on the ground, making it too real to deal with. Focusing on the negative outcome often leads an individual to collapse on their path; sometimes even before they have taken the first steps towards achieving a goal. When an individual dreams big, and gives the face to their dreams by creating a dream book or goal boards, the mind perceives it as a signal to focus on those goals with nothing but positivity.

Planning the execution of the goal is magical. Luxury home owners make sure to start with a financial plan – they decide when to buy a property, how, the future use of the property, and how they will finance it. Planning their purchase gives them the confidence to build an action plan they can stick to to be able to afford their dream house when the time is right. These plans include the tiniest details including, the risks, understanding expenditures, down payments, renovations and repairs, closing costs etc.

achieving a goalFigure out an Action Plan

⁃ Make a dream book or a dream board. Do not hesitate to flood it with even the minutest of details.

⁃ Collect pictures and videos of everything you have ever wanted or wished for.

⁃ Show it off to your trusted friends and advisors as a way to solidify the commitment to achieve the-one-big-dream.

Set Goals

⁃ As heard many times before, “ A goal is a dream with a deadline.” Most of the accomplishments begin with a dream. But, they don’t become a goal unless you strive hard enough to make it happen.

Luxury home and high end real estate owners are well aware that they have to give their dreams an action plan. They are well acquainted with the process of planning, be it in any aspect of their lives. They do not set goals without laying out a plan to achieve them.

Save Up

In order to purchase a house, home owners must track their expenses. The key to saving up is to track expenditures by keeping an account of where the money is being spent, the avoidable and unavoidable expenditures, and how unwanted expenditures can be curbed.

So, how does one actually get down to Setting Goals?

• Determine your goals

Sure, you might be passionate about multi-tasking, doing anything and everything you think you’re good at. But, what is your actually dream plan? What is it that you see yourself doing every single day, for the rest of your life, without ever questioning your decision? Do you know where you want to be in the next five, ten or fifteen years from now? Where do you see yourself? Once you manage to find an answer to the question, you will be able to recognize your dreams and understand what your goals should be.

• Put it down in paper

You’ve found what matters the most to you. You know what you’d like to see yourself doing for the rest of your life. The next step?
Write it down. Though penning down a goal on paper might seem irrelevant or outright funny to some, putting down where you see yourself on paper is a motivation in itself. It is that piece of paper that will on a bad day remind you why you started in the first place. Success doesn’t come easy. It’s a rocky journey where you fall more times than you would want to get up. Giving up is easy, but pursuing your dreams against all odds? Well, that’s the hard part. Putting down your goals and aspirations on a piece of paper is the force that will drive you when you fall. It will remind you why you decided to do what you’re doing – it will help you refresh your mind, brighter you’re mood and help you reboot, motivating you to start a fresh.

• Set a deadline

You’ve found what you love, and are willing to pursue it. But, no goal can be achieved without a set deadline. Deadlines are a crucial aspect to make sure you keep up the pace and don’t push your goals any further. Sure, having a goal is exciting; but, it’s also scary. It’s fearful to know that you’ve decided to do something you’ve never done before. It involves hard work, dedication, constant planning, sleepless nights and most importantly, it demands 100% of your focus and attention- come what may. Yes, it’s scary. Setting a deadline is scary, too. But that’s what’s going to determine your success. Having a goal followed by a deadline gives you the courage to lay out a plan to achieve it. You will automatically start sticking to the plans following each and every schedule to the letter.

setting-goals-for-luxury-investmentsReducing Risk Factors

Luxury home owners base their plans on the fact that they should not have to depend on outside finances. In case they have to, they plan how and when they will take the loan and how and when they will pay it back.

Yes, all of us have dreams and a passion but we must find the drive to make our passion a profession. The key is to not let ourselves get bogged down by pressure or competition. Goals provide a dimension. If sets the hall rolling in our lives. Goals provide a sense of purpose to achieve.
A goal without a plan is like a destination without an address. You simply cannot reach it. And we must always remember that every success story was once just a struggling sentence 🙂

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