The luxury real estate market is an independent market, which is why a seller needs an agent who is well-versed with the market business. When a property agent is well-informed, “the house can practically sell itself”. Finding the right property agent to sell a luxury property is paramount in getting the job done. As a seller, when one is looking at selling a luxury home, hiring the right real estate agent for the job is a risky challenge.

So, let’s look at what are the essential qualities required that can help sell your luxury home.

• Marketing

Digital Marketing Initiatives

Property agents specializing in luxury real estate should be strong marketers. Finding an agent who can digitally market a home by creating videos, professional photos and perhaps, even manage customized websites for luxurious homes is key to finding a good property agent. Always do a google search and see what are the various digital marketing tactics that the real estate agent is using.

Offline Marketing

Not only should the agent be a good online marketer, they should also be an efficient offline one. They should be knowledgeable enough to be aware of the various channels of offline marketing to attract as many buyers as possible. After all, the more the buyers, the higher the chances of getting the desired selling price. The agent should also know the ins-and-outs of the local market. They should be well-aware of the educational institutions, medical and grocery facilities in the area. Agents with vast knowledge about the real estate market can successfully help buyers zero in on a property that best fits their wants and needs.

• Networking

An agent catering to the luxury property in real estate business should be someone with impressive networking skills, and also a network of people in and outside the property business market. An agent with a vast network of buyers and sellers is a bonus. Hiring an agent with an impressive market network will automatically get the seller one step closer to selling. Therefore, an agent with a well-planned strategy is the one a seller should look at hiring. Apart from strong market connections, a successful luxury property agent should also work well with other agents, especially buyer agents. This way, getting in touch with buyers is a lot easier if the buyer agents have clients who’re looking at investing in the luxury property market.

• Understanding the Local Market

luxury real estate propertyIf an agent is willing to devote the time and energy to become well-versed and well-informed about the seller’s property, they will make sure to understand the luxury market, and where in it the seller’s house fits. The agent should make an effort to understand the seller’s wants, needs and expectations, as well as the approximate value of similar properties on the market. Great marketing skills are practically irrelevant if the agent does not take the time to identify the key features of the property and the expectations of the seller. Once the seller has zeroed in on an agent, after much research and marketing, the property must be properly staged, revamped and repaired if required. This is followed by the agent or the owners scheduling a photography session. In order to achieve the best possible pictures for the brochures and internet listings, the following steps must be taken before finalizing the date for the showcasing of the home.

• Exterior of the House

The property will look and feel welcoming only when the exterior i.e. the main door, elevator, and staircase area leading up to the apartment door, are neat and clean. In order to do so, the owners must arrange for the staircase area outside the home to be washed and cleaned. The main doors and passage walls should be freshly painted in eye-pleasing colours. Loud colors should be avoided as the exterior of a home gives potential buyers a glimpse of the house.

• Interiors of the House

While taking photos and videos of your property, it is recommended that all lights be switched on to make the house look as bright as possible. In case of a showcasing in the first half of the day, the blinds should be left open to allow the sunlight into the apartment. Natural light highlights the beauty of any space.

It is recommended that:

• All the unnecessary items be cleared off the counter tops in kitchens.
• The bedsheets, preferably lighter shades, are neatly tucked in to give a relaxing and comfortable feel to the bedrooms.
• The bedside tables be free of any dust particles, and no more than one decorative item is placed on either side of the bed, on the side tables.
• The toilet seat covers must be put down and new, unused toilet paper should be placed on the stands. The washroom should be spic-and-span. The washroom sink area should be dry and clear of any toiletries. A hand wash dispenser should be placed to the side of the sink and neatly folded napkins should be hung or placed by the washbasin. If space permits, a scented diffuser should be placed in the washroom for a relaxing and gentle aroma.

The home must look it’s best during every showing opportunity and so the owners should be well-prepared for any and all showings, even the last-minute ones. In case of an absent owner, the agent in charge of the property must keep the owner in the loop about the list of dos and don’ts that will be executed in the apartment by the agent.

At Showtime

During a property-showing, the sellers should make sure they are not present in the house to avoid any discomfort or awkwardness on part of the client. Potential clients can freely and comfortably communicate their wants and needs to the seller’s agent, but not to the seller themselves. This is human psychology. A potential buyer would hesitate to voice any concerns or issues related to the house in the presence of the owners in the fear of hurting their feelings in anyway.

As property consultants, the primary responsibility before the showing of any property is, the broker must arrive before time and glance through the place making sure it is in an excellent condition.

Showing Homes to Buyers India

Keep the Home Neat & Ordered

In order to make the property more appealing, there are a few last-minute touches that the sellers or their agents should consider before the official property-showing.

It is recommended that:

• All the doors should be left open to give out a positive and welcoming vibe to the potential clients.

• All the lights, especially the ones above the picture frames, and all the lamps around the house, should be switched on to amplify even the tiniest corners of the house.

• Televisions should be turned off and air conditioners should be turned on to give clients a relaxed and peaceful environment that can help them relate to the feeling of being at home.

• Kitchen counters should be clear and the sink should be clear of any dirty utensils.

• Packaged mineral water should be offered to the clients to give them a sneak-peak into the sellers’ hygienic way of living.

• Scented diffusers should be placed in every room so the place emits a positive vibe.

In a one-off case at Gupta & Sen, one of our agents, geared up for the showcasing of a beautiful sea-facing property, reached the location only to discover the seller had forgotten to leave the key behind before leaving for work that day. After a couple of calls and much delay, our agent was able to get a hold of the keys. But, on finally unlocking the doors, he was greeted by an unclean kitchen, with dishes in the sink and on the stove, and a damp washroom. It is definitely not a situation an agent or a buyer wants to find themselves in. As a result, the showcasing was reluctantly rescheduled because we have high standards that we like to uphold at all times.

When an agent takes up the responsibility of helping an owner sell their place, the least one can do is be supportive enough to assist the agent by maintaining a clean house for showcasing purposes. Agents are here to help in whatever way they can but they are not responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of the seller’s property, unless the seller is absent i.e. out of the city or country. A situation like this not only puts the agent under pressure, but also creates bad blood between them and a potential buyer who is scheduled for the showcasing. Situations like these are unwanted and unsettling, and must be avoided at any costs. The sellers must be responsible enough to keep their houses spick and span so the agents can can concentrate on doing their job.

Selling a home is a challenging task, and perhaps even more challenging when it comes to selling a luxury home. Many owners are clueless in the know-how of putting their luxurious property on the market. Hence, it is imperative to choose the right real estate agent to help sell their home, especially if it is a luxurious property, so the experienced agent, who is aware of the market drills, can carry out the needful before showcasing the property. If you have a luxury home to sell, contact us and see the difference in our approach and the results that we deliver!

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