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Selling Your Luxury Home With the Right Agent

Luxury Home Sellers Use Experts We are continuing with our very useful series of articles on the factors that are delaying the sale of your luxury home and the steps you can take to speed up the sale process. If…

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High End Real Estate Consultants

Negotiation Strategies For High End Real Estate

As a luxury property agent, one’s personal power and reputation enhances their ability to successfully negotiate an offer. It is their standing in the market and their top-most position that makes them the go-to negotiator. The perception of power, prestige…

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Property Brokers Consultants India

Some Thoughts About the Real Estate Business

As a Real Estate Expert, let me dwell on some short topics about our business gleaned from my own experience as an agent. Answer this simple question: If a home buyer is putting 8 Cr for a 10 Cr property…

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