Steps Selling House Quickly

How To Sell Your Property Quickly

How Many Buyers Does it Take to Sell a House How many buyers will I have to show in order to sell a house? This is a question that a lot of property sellers ask when they set out to…

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Top Realtors in Mumbai

What Makes a Great Realtor

In my definition the word “Great” means doing what is more than what is expected of you and striving to give more and going beyond one’s call of duty. As a Realtor, the benefit of a client hiring you is…

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Top Estate Agents India

The Real Estate Agent of Tomorrow

I have always believed that every good Real Estate Agent is unique and and to be honest no two high performing Real Estate Agents have the same exact personalities or business goals. A good Realty Agent is unafraid to break…

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Property Brokers Consultants India

Some Thoughts About the Real Estate Business

As a Real Estate Expert, let me dwell on some short topics about our business gleaned from my own experience as an agent. Answer this simple question: If a home buyer is putting 8 Cr for a 10 Cr property…

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Property Consultants India

Buying Property With the Sale in Mind

Any distress or resale property that you are planning to invest in and which you are getting for a steal is not going to be worth unless there are some problems that are some problems attached to it. Let us…

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Property Brokers in Mumbai

Why Serve and not Sell

In my last article I had written about the real estate buying cycle that most home buyers go through and how as an agent it is important to understand each phase.  Let me talk about the importance of embracing reality.…

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Real Estate Agencies in Andheri Bandra

The Business of Real Estate

I have said this before and I will say it again – The business of real estate is simple but not easy. We are relatively a new Real Estate agency – less than three years old. Though we have made…

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Being Pleasant Brings Business

Business of Real Estate In the business of real estate, what goes around comes around. And we don’t mean properties that we help selling coming back into the resale market after a few months! At Gupta & Sen Associates we…

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top 5 real estate consultants mumbai

Power of your Sphere

Making Real Estate Contacts Anyone who has been working in the real estate consultancy business for a long time would be familiar with the phrase, “Sphere of Influence”. Though it is a term that is originally borrowed from the political…

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