Brokers Commissins Charges India

Commissions Brokers Make in Real Estate

A real estate commission is the fees paid to the property agent once the house is successfully sold. The prevalent method of payment for real estate consultants is commission, which is a percentage of the property’s selling price. This is…

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Realtor Guide Mumbai India

A Guide To Working With Your Realtor

As Property Agents, our job revolves around interacting with, and working with people. It’s what we do! But there always are a few clients who unintentionally cross the line. Therefore, there are a few protocols a client must follow to…

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top real estate brokers

Listing with us to Sell Your Property

Property Brokers in Mumbai If you want to sell your home then Gupta & Sen Associates is the right partner for you in order to meet your expectations. Read this article to get more insight about how we treat our…

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