Having been a part of the Real Estate business, the one thing I have noticed is the importance of making the right decision while selecting an agent. The right real estate agent can be your ticket to financial freedom. They can make you rich, save you time and energy, and also, keep you from investing in the wrong property. A responsible agent will also make sure to suggest a property that is buy-able at a decent price, and one that can also be sold for reasonable profits, when the time is right. They will make sure to guide you through the whole process, just the way we do at Gupta & Sen.

Here are a few pointers I keep reminding myself of, and as a budding real estate agent, you can follow, too.

Follow ups

This is one of the very important business mistakes I come across, often. Real estate agents stand a risk of sabotaging their career and success if they fail to follow up with their clients. The fortune lies in the follow ups which are an integral part of the day-to-day business. Hence, any leads, especially from referrals, must be followed up with instantly. If you come across prospective clients who set future dates for putting their property on the market, as a responsible and committed Real Estate Agent, you must follow up as the future date nears. For instance, at Gupta and Sen, the primary goal is to fine tune our follow up system in order to boost business, client satisfaction and hence our bank account balance, too.

Social Media Presence

I believe, social media is a long term marketing strategy. As an upcoming real estate agent, just having a few social media accounts on various sites will not benefit the business. Consistent presence across all social media networks is essential. The key is to be a part of conversations and discussions related to investments, and the market. Potential clients who follow your accounts should be able to understand and appreciate your knowledge related to the field, so they can trust your valued input when they decide to buy or sell.

Take up a 30 day challenge

If you are the competitive type, or are easily motivated with incentives, take up the 30 day challenge to give yourself the boost you need. We, at Gupta and Sen, took up this challenge as recently as last month. Here’s how you can go about it, too.

  • You could start by hiring a team of agents to report to you.
  • Make a list of the goals you want to achieve in a limited period of time.
  • Take up various forms of marketing to help build new connections. The goal should be to establish a trust factor, and convert potential clients and new connections to long term clientele.
  • Brainstorm ideas to help the business grow.
  • Let go of any tactics that have proven useless in the past.

An everyday target should be to gain the trust of your clients, including the potential ones. Make sure to convince them that you are a perfect fit to get the job done. 

Messages and texts

As a Real Estate Agent, a client needs to be convinced you understand them and their requirements and can them an ear. The key,here, is to successfully build a strong rapport with them. 

Having been in the business for quite some time now, I have noticed that agents, often, fail to establish a strong bond of understanding with their clients. Hence, it is imperative that they feel heard, even if it’s by text, on a call or voicemails. Be sure to make the message warm and engaging, so the client looks forward to meeting you. 

In case the company you work with has an assistant or secretary, make sure to train them to accept calls in a respectful and warm tone of voice in order to help boost client satisfaction. 

Align yourself with other businesses

The business promotion barter system has been gaining momentum over the past few years. Business owners are willing to promote other businesses in exchange for the promotions of theirs. 

You can align yourself with other businesses, be it cafes, restaurants, or even gyms, in exchange for helping them promote their business on your social media accounts. 

Offer Expert advice 

Write articles discussing the buying and selling strategies in the local market. This will get you several potential clients and give you the perfect opportunity to display your business sense and service capabilities.  

Host a Seminar

Hosting a free seminar on real estate is a beneficial and inexpensive technique. Explore an array of topics such as clients, the process of buying and selling, marketing materials, challenges in the market etc. 

Make use of tables and graphs to provide adequate number data as this technique makes understanding topics interesting. 

To further peak the interest of the attendees, provide refreshments, comfortable seating, and invite guest speakers to share their expert advice on various real estate topics. This is a sure-shot technique to attract potential clients. 

Guarantee your service

In my experience, this is one of the most helpful tips that works every time. As a real estate agent, offering your clients a guaranteed clause in the contract stating top notch service and client satisfaction, helps them gain confidence that their property is in trustworthy hands. 

Websites and brochures

As a budding real estate agent, it is imperative to invest in building a good website and printing brochures that give the clients a gist of your work. Getting clients acquainted with your way of working always makes them feel at ease when they approach you.

Like every profession, being a real estate agent, too, has its share of ups and downs. The key is to be polished in your meeting-and-greeting skills, and persistent, but with a calm and composed attitude. This makes the clients feel like they’re being heard and understood. Once you manage to build the trust factor, growing in the business is just hard work away!

Content Specialist at Gupta & Sen
Aellina is a writer with expertise in the field of education, real estate & fitness. A poet at heart, she didn’t expect to become a writer, but as she says “life can surprise you”.