A real estate agent’s objectives include getting high on the list of top real estate brokers in the country, generating more business, and building credibility amongst both buyers and sellers. Real estate agents who sell the maximum number of properties in any region are called Top Producers. There are many advantages to working with a top producer whether you are in the market for buying or selling property. A property seller’s expectation is that the agents on the top producers list will help them sell their homes quickly and for a higher price which is precisely what we do!

Advantages of working with top producers

  • Having experience

As top producers, we have seen more transactions than other real estate agents. A top producer knows how to handle difficult situations because they have a vast amount of experience.

  • A professional attitude

As top producers, we could not get to the top of our field if we were unskilled and incompetent, so working with the best must provide some security. A professional attitude is a must.

  • Ability to think strategically

Producers who are at the top of their game treat their work like a business. They view real estate not merely as a means of selling a house, but as something they brand. Resource allocation, management, and growth are their responsibilities. Not only do they think about how to grow their business, but also about how to sell it in the future.

  • Positive and focused

To be a top producer in real estate transactions, you must be focused and positive. We don’t allow small down trends or market fluctuations to flummox us.

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Reverse Engineering Success

We all learn from our mistakes. Trial and error are the way each and every new entrant to any business learns. Is that really something you have time to do? Making mistakes and then rectifying them? Reverse engineering (also known as backward engineering or back engineering) is a method by which one attempts to deduce how a previous process or system, or piece of software accomplishes a task without much insight into how it does it. That makes a lot more sense!

To be a top producer in real estate sales, you need to be more than just a good salesman. Top producers like us have above-average character traits. For instance, we have more disciplined work schedules. We use leverage to get ahead. And we insist on high standards in everything we do. We start by valuing what our customers value. Inculcating these traits early in our agency’s life has helped us develop the habits one needs to support a big business later on.

We Keep our Standards High

Our clients expect nothing but the best from us and that’s what we expect from ourselves too! We have raised the bar of our own expectations. The following are a few ways we use to set ourselves apart.

Creating and interpreting CMA’s

We use a CMA (comparative market analysis) to determine the value of a property based on similar sales in similar areas. We pride ourselves on our accuracy, which is what our clients judge us on. When creating a CMA, we make sure we don’t include the wrong properties or miss those that should be included. Creating a CMA is much simpler than actually interpreting it for a client. An accurate interpretation of CMAs is one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the competition. Your ability to showcase and sell homes that have been sitting on the market and explain to your clients how much stress this can cause to the seller and finally close the deal will be based on your abilities. We also make sure the client improves on the property’s condition so that both ends benefit from the deal. We also ensure that the property’s rates are also aligned with the condition of the property.

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Local Market knowledge

There is one thing all top producers have in common: they know their local real estate market. Ask them anything about the area, and they are sure to be able to answer it-or at least know where to find the answer. Real estate success requires an understanding of the local market, including:

  • A description of the basic forces, factors, and principles shaping the economy in the region
  • To ensure you have the most current information at your fingertips, do your research and be up to date with local events
  • Your clients can benefit from that knowledge if you know how to apply it

To put it another way, you need to become a real estate expert in your local market. It may seem daunting when you’re new to the game. The chances of succeeding in your the market can be significantly improved if one puts in time and effort into truly understanding it.

Negotiation is a crucial aspect of the job, especially for those involved in financial transactions. We never forget that we will often have to negotiate with our own clients to close the deal.  

Improve your skills and build your charisma

We ensure that all parties feel they got a good deal by getting to the point and negotiating directly. We thoroughly research the properties that we are selling and show our knowledge during meetings.

The key to being a top producer is also to inculcate good listening habits. The most successful producers ensure their customers keep coming back to them for their real estate needs, as well as recommending them to others. This is a great trait if it comes naturally to you. Otherwise, it must be nurtured. It’s not the same for everyone when it comes to charisma. It might be that you are gregarious or that you attract people through your goodwill and authenticity. To grow our business, we harness our power. We aspire to inspire!

We encourage agents working us to to increase their confidence and control of their work when communicating with communicating with buyers and sellers.

You should also believe in what you say. We do our research and make sure we have the facts straight. It is not a wise idea to fake conviction. With a genuine air of confidence and because of our vast experience we help get our clients out of legal hassles or problems.

Increasing Leadership and Ways to Achieve it

A leader inspires confidence in those who look to him or her for guidance. As real estate professionals, we cultivate our leadership skills so our clients trust us and follow our recommendations. Acting, leading the charge, overcoming obstacles, urging a team to action, and being effective, assertive, and victorious are some of our best Producer qualities. Like the engine of a car, a Producer plays an important role in the production process. Having a bigger engine allows the organization to go faster.

We work actively to prevent problems from occurring instead of just reacting to them when they arise. We entrust our agents to delegate work to others and ensure that they are doing it accurately as well. Hiring and training more employees is necessary if you want to grow. Playing the blame game when any mishap occurs serves noone. We assume responsibility and try to resolve any issue that comes up during the buying and selling process.

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Trust is the Key

Real estate sales require trustworthiness. As top producers, we excel at putting our client’s interests before our own. Truth prevails. We never lie to a client. We put all the information a client needs into perspective and context so that they make the correct decision. Ways to be trustworthy include resisting the urge to hide bad news from your client. We believe we achieve more and help our clients by being transparent and conveying news through effective communication, even if it’s upsetting news.

Standards Determine your Success

Our long and successful career in real estate is mainly because of our professional reputation. There is no guarantee that hard work will lead to success. Top producers like us pay attention to character, honesty, and integrity. We are able to provide clients with better service because we stay current on the latest topics in real estate and the local market. To remain at the forefront of the real estate field,we utilize continuing education and professional development to expand our business options.

We believe in the axiom that – you get out of it what you put into it at the end of the day. A successful business venture requires a certain amount of investment (time, energy, and money). There is no difference between real estate and other investments. You have a great chance of having a long and successful real estate career if you are passionate about the industry and have similar traits to those outlined here. 

And Finally – Contract Knowledge!

For real estate agents it is absolutely crucial to know how a contract works and what it says. Signs and stamps are important, but so is the fine print about what the contract entails. There might be a dispute between clients that leads to arbitration or mitigation. We believe that as top producers we should avoid situations whereby clients are unaware thereby leading them to a legal mess later on. In all our buyer and listing presentations, we always highlight the important parts of a legal real estate contract and show our clients how we will protect his / her interests.

Finally we believe that top producer must have strong work ethics. To succeed, you must be tenacious in pursuing every lead and aggressive in marketing your clients’ properties. Working hard isn’t enough, it’s also about working smart, putting in the right amount of time, and taking whatever steps are necessary to get the deal done! Because a successful deal is what matters at the end of the day!

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Chloe is a real estate advisor with Gupta & Sen. With a combined experience of over 15 years in varied industries, she is a vocal and knowledgeable ally for buyers and investors who want to make informed choices when buying a property in India. With superlative communication and marketing skills, Chloe handles our PR, real estate marketing strategy and client management.
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