In a competitive market, like the real estate one, there are a number of agents in search of work, but not everyone possesses the recommended skillset it takes to be a successful agent. While on the lookout for an agent to help them buy and sell property, a client wants to assign the best-of-the-best to the job. So, how do you make sure the client approaches you?

Do you have the skills and traits it takes to make a you stand out from the rest of the agents in the business? Let’s find out.

What Makes a Successful Real Estate Agent Stand Out

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As a real estate agent, determination is essential for success. Every deal is important, and an agent should work with determination to make every deal a success. A stubborn, relentless, and persuasive approach, with the drive to achieve success and close all deals, is what makes an agent persistent and determined.


Success in the field of Real Estate is directly proportional to the art of negotiation. A major part of the real estate agent’s job involves negotiations. For every deal to go through, we as agents are, most likely, going to have to negotiate the listing price of the property, the selling price and the commission. Hence, as an agent in the field, acing the negotiation skills will give you the confidence you need to succeed.


Technology is the future of every industry. From navigating websites and promoting the business on social media platforms, to setting up business websites and keeping in touch with prospective clients and clients via email, technology is an important key to marketing the brand and the agent associated with it.


Real estate is a people-oriented career. In order to be good at selling homes, a successful agent should know how to be able to talk to people. It is imperative the agent be a people-person who can strike up a conversation, and talk their way into convincing potential clientele that they are the right fit for getting the job done. They should also possess good listening skills, so they can listen to and understand their client’s wants and needs, and goals.


As an agent, the one thing I have noticed is that many a time, the agent puts their commission above the client’s needs. Sometimes, a client might be putting their life savings into a property. In such a case, an agent’s commission is incidental once they decide to represent the client. Hence, as a real estate agent, one must hold themselves to a high ethical standard. Being committed to doing the right thing and going above and beyond for the client proves the integrity which, in return, will also earn the trust of the clients and score the agent some much-needed


Networking is not an option in the real estate business. Social media marketing and face-to-face networking are integral parts of the business. Being a good listener, focusing on quality conversations, being warm and pleasant in the approach, and following up with prospective clients, lays the foundation for success.

Attention to detail:

Successful agents stay organized and have a sharp eye for detail. They carefully guide their clients through the entire buying or selling process, from signing the contract to closing the deal. Comparing property rates, reviewing contracts to make sure they are strong enough to protects the client’s interests, and abiding by the client’s requests makes attention to detail a necessary skill in the real estate market.


Every client who approaches a real estate agent puts a new responsibility on their shoulders. The agent should be efficient enough to deal with the client’s budget, the wants and needs, their timeline, and constantly solving problems as the process gains momentum.


Since an agent is solely responsible for the projects they take up, self-motivation is the backbone of an agent in the market. They are answerable to the agency they represent and the client who hires them. Although, as agents at Gupta & Sen, we receive our daily dose of motivation from our more-than-supportive team of bosses and fellow agents, an agent should be self-motivated, driven and dedicated and responsible enough to getting results.

Personal appearance:

As a representative for their brand, an agent is responsible for their personal appearance at work. Showing up at work dressed shabbily and lacking personal grooming, will give the client the impression that the agent is not serious about their job or that they are irresponsible. No client wants to hand over an important decision of buying and selling a property to an agent who comes across as untidy and un-presentable.

Communication skills:

The ability to converse with a client and put forth how the agent works, can be explained effectively only if the agent possesses a certain level of communication skills. When a client explains the goals for a property, the agent should be able to successfully communicate all the steps that will be taken to help the client reach their goals. Thus, it is essential for the agent to understand and grasp what the client is trying to convey. Just like in any other business that involves dealing with people, communication skills play an important role in the real estate market, too.

templates of a real estate houseEnthusiasm:

As a real estate agent, I can tell you that when an agent takes up a new project with enthusiasm, there are high chances it will result in success. Enthusiasm is the fuel that can keep an agent going even when they are burned out. As agents, there are times when we have to get to work very early in the morning or stay up till late in the night, working on an important project. There are times when, no matter how committed we are to the job, we find ourselves feeling worn out. It’s times like these when enthusiasm makes all the difference.

Anyone can make an attempt to show houses, but it takes real talent and immense hard work before a real estate agent can finally taste success. Although these traits can be learned and fostered, it takes a while for an agent to be confident and successful enough to rake in the big bucks!

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