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Continuing with our feature on living in Andheri West, we sent a photographer and our content writer to document the vast suburban sprawl of Andheri West. This time we show our NRI and outstation visitors a vista of the are starting from the Four Bungalows Junction to the Seven Bungalows Junction and on to Yari Road. Starting off at the Four Bungalows Junction we can see the landmark Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital in the background while the Metro Railway looms overhead.

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The under-construction premium Adani Heights Residential Complex can be seen below on JP Road. Western Heights offers a perfect combination of Infrastructure, Connectivity, Civic Amenities, Entertainment and an Abode of Luxury, Privacy and World Class Amenities.  With stunning views of the Sea and the Mumbai Metro as seen below, the complex promises to offer the twin advantages of location and high living.

Estate Agents Andheri West Versova

Continuing further down the arterial JP Road we come across a homeless man who lives on the pavement in stark contrast to the wealth and abundance around him! He is gracious enough to allow our photographer to click his picture in exchange for a tenner!


The Mumbai Metro currently terminates at Versova. Moving further, the roads get narrower and the buildings get more scenic. Fruit and vegetable sellers have occupied the pavements but no one is complaining! Eating fresh fruits and vegetables are a healthy antidote to the stresses and unhealthy pressures of modern life!

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As we move towards the idyllic and serene stretch towards Yari Road we cross Aaram Nagar an erstwhile colony of small quaint bungalows with an old word charm and is now occupied by small television production companies and other allied agencies related to the media business. Also situated on this narrow stretch are many premium and luxury apartment buildings and bungalows most notably Daria Mahal seen below – a bungalow which stands unchanged amongst the sea of modernity and change around it. Read more about and see pictures of the interiors of Daria Mahal here.

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This road is one of the coolest places (literally because of the sea breeze) to eat, drink and hang out in Andheri West. The narrow stretch is dotted by cafes, restaurants, watering holes, salons, massage parlours and gyms. Check out some pics of some of the new hotspots. Be warned though that a restaurant or a cafe seen today may not be seen tomorrow because the burn rate here is very high and old places fold up and new ones are constantly taking their place. Seen below is the entry to WTF – a popular bar for the young crowd.

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There are many parallel roads that lead to the Versova beachfront. Revelers of all hues and age groups throng the beach especially on rainy Mumbai days as seen below. Versova beach was recently in the news for a massive clean-up initiative by the citizens that has gained worldwide attention. Read more about it here –

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Moving on towards Yari Road, we see many quaint and close-knit residential properties and apartment blocks where a large number of television and film artists, technicians and a motley crue of businessmen, corporate professionals and white collar workers. The popular supermarket DMart seen below more than meets the grocery needs of the local populace.


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