Why The Neighbourhood Matters

Location Matters Everyone pretty much knows the first rule of real estate viz. Location, Location, Location! Though this aspect holds true for all retail customer-facing businesses it matters even more for investors in real estate. When you want to calculate…

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Buy Invest in Properties Mumbai

How to Buy Properties with Profit Potential

Lets face it. If you are a real investor investor you are in it for making money. If you want to reach that goal it all starts with buying the right property – which can be tricky if you just…

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Holding Company Property Investments India

How to Protect Your Property Assets

One of the best and most stable ways to increase your wealth over time is to have rental properties. By investing in a property that gives you good rental returns you will attain financial security and long term growth because…

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Property Investing India Benefits

Why Real Estate Investing is Ideal

Investing in real estate gives any investor a set of advantages that he / she will not receive in other forms of investments and asset classes. There is a term in Real Estate called IDEAL that has been known to…

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Factors Affecting Property Investments

Four Factors Affecting Real Estate Investing

As with every other forms of investing, real estate investing in India is affected by a number of factors. Some of these factors have a direct and apparent effect such as rising interest rates which in turn lowers the value…

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Get Rich Real Estate

Why Investing in Real Estate Creates Wealth

There are many reasons to invest in Real Estate in India. While there are a good number of reasons to invest in Indian Real Estate, let us at the outset also inform you one drawback of investing in real estate.…

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Types of Properties Investment India

Types of Indian Real Estate To Invest

Investing your money in real estate in India compared to other types of investments is probably the most profitable, least risky and the most stable way of increasing your wealth. This is because no matter what problems happen in the…

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Investing in property in Mumbai

Real Estate Investors Get it Right

A key characteristic of a real estate investor is to have foresight. They should be able to see past the obvious and make their decisions. Anybody can make an ordinary choice and miss out on something which has a deeper…

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Mumbai City at NIght

NRI Property Investment Guide

Why Invest in Property in India In the search for better opportunities in education, employment and business, several people from our motherland, India, migrate to foreign countries every year. And they have done it in massive numbers. These people have…

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