Real Estate Compared to Stocks

Comparing Real Estate to Other Investments

Why Real Estate Investments There are many choices to make when it comes to real estate investing and each of them has pros and cons that must be considered. In this article, we at Gupta and Sen, will compare how…

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Top Resale Luxury Properties Homes India

How to Buy Properties With Good Resale Value

When thinking about buying property, most buyers referring to the real estate market think in terms of prices – average price, increasing & decreasing prices and so on. Ideally instead of price, as a smart property buyer you should be…

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Best Time Buy Property India

When is the Right Time to Buy Property

Today’s Losses Will Lead to Future Gains In today’s apparently depressing times of the real estate cycle, most people are operating under “fear”. Cash balances in banks are increasing and many would-be investors are taking the money that would have…

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Right Time to Invest in Properties

Why Invest in Property During Recessions

At the outset, here’s a word of advice – Invest in property now during post-Covid times or forever live to regret your decisions. You might think that since we are real estate consultants it figures that we are obviously asking…

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Importance of Home Equity

Know the Value of Your Home Equity

It is a well-known fact that investing in real estate can make you very wealthy which is why most well paid corporate professionals like to invest in real estate to ensure that their net worth grows over a period of…

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Financing Options Property Investments

Financing Options for Real Estate Investments

If you are a real estate investor / property flipper who wants to profit from selling your properties later it is always a good idea to finance your real estate acquisitions with your own money. You should have plenty of…

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Why The Neighbourhood Matters

Location Matters Everyone pretty much knows the first rule of real estate viz. Location, Location, Location! Though this aspect holds true for all retail customer-facing businesses it matters even more for investors in real estate. When you want to calculate…

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Buy Invest in Properties Mumbai

How to Buy Properties with Profit Potential

Lets face it. If you are a real investor investor you are in it for making money. If you want to reach that goal it all starts with buying the right property – which can be tricky if you just…

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