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Cultivating High Networth Real Estate Clients

HNI Real Estate Agents in Mumbai We all know that the real estate business is one that is relationship-based. And this more so in the luxury and high-end spectrum of the market. High Net worth folks like to mix with…

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Four Truths About the Real Estate Business

Top Real Estate Agents in Mumbai As one’s odyssey in the business of real estate progresses, there are four truths that become critical for developing the right mindset. Some of the truths may be highly obvious and the others may…

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Selling a Dream

The Real Estate Agent’s Mantra The sooner that a real estate agent realises that we are selling a dream and also an investment, the faster that we begin to understand and appreciate the fact that everything happens in the world…

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Living In Andheri West Part One

As part of our initiative to highlight the best and most interesting, lively and livable residential neighbourhoods in Mumbai, we are kicking off with the Oshiwara area in Andheri West where our offices are! Content writers living in the area…

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Attracting Customers Vs Pursuing Them

The Power of Attraction As one of Mumbai’s top real estate consultants, we always need to ensure a steady stream of clients for ourselves. In the end we have two main options as to how to get those clients to…

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Ethical Real Estate Agent Practices

Real Estate is a Funny Business As top real estate consultants in Mumbai, we are privileged to meet with and interact with some of the most wonderful real estate agents in the whole world! On the other hand, we also…

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Are Real Estate Agents Needed in Today’s World

Agents Are Going to Be Around For Long This is quite a popular topic especially amongst today’s startup and tech community who want to ‘disrupt’ age old ideas and ways of doing things. Disruption is great but let’s face it,…

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Characteristics and Responsibilities of an Agent

What Do Good Real Estate Agents Do A Real Estate agent‘s primary goal is and will always remain – To bring a buyer and seller together regardless of whom he / she represents. The agent gets paid only after the…

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Real Estate is Not For The Weak Hearted

Tips For Upcoming Real Estate Agents Apart from buyers we believe that a lot of upcoming real estate agents and brokers who have just started their businesses come to our website. The power of networking is harnessed many times over…

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